Félix Arbeletche was born in 1870 in the Basque Country and arrived in Argentina at the age of 19.

In 1920, Félix Arbeletche bought the farmhouse ‘El Pedral’ with the aim of pleasing his wife, as it had drinkable water for growing the plants she adored.

He had the residence built on an artificial elevation erected in a valley, which is sheltered from the winds but near the coast where there was a reservoir. The construction materials, as well as all the elements for the assembly of the house and its furniture, were brought from Europe in ships that anchored in front of the stone shore of the estancia, where the sea is very deep. The house was inaugurated in 1923. It is roofed by a red corrugated sheet and bears a dome-shaped tower with an observation point that protrudes in the landscape and which is topped by a pinnacle.

Unfortunately, María Olazábal died in 1921, over twenty years after they had arrived in Patagonia but before the beautiful house that her husband had it built for her was finished. Félix Arbeletche, who became wealthy and attained renowned prestige among his peers, died seventeen years later at the age of 68.